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June 14, 2024

Adeia Presents Hybrid Bonding Technology at 2024 LES Silicon Valley Conference

Adeia Presents Hybrid Bonding Technology at 2024 LES Silicon Valley Conference

The Adeia team recently attended the Licensing Executive Society Silicon Valley Chapter’s (LES-SVC) 20th Annual Conference, where the hot topic was AI and its impact on business, research and intellectual property (IP). Our semiconductor group had the chance to present our innovative technology and discuss how Adeia’s hybrid bonding technology is addressing the evolving requirements of AI hardware.

Key Themes from LES-SVC

The sessions and panels at the LES-SVC annual conference explored the far-reaching impacts of artificial intelligence (AI), future areas of growth and challenges in bringing this technology up to scale. Areas we enjoyed learning about included:

  • AI and business opportunities: How AI is opening the door for emerging business models, including disruptions across the media and semiconductor ecosystem.
  • Future frontiers for AI: Potential use cases, what must happen for the sector to scale and where we could see the most growth beyond generative AI.
  • Synergy of AI and hardware: Understanding how the limits and potential opportunities of AI are being tested by new hardware breakthroughs.

AI: Revenge of the Hardware Panel

I also participated in a panel discussion titled “Revenge of the Hardware,” which also featured David George of TetraMEM and Louis Ross of MEI Micro. The session was moderated by LES-SVC board member Michael Peirantozzi. 

Software is the main topic of concern in technology news, particularly over the past decades. That’s about to change. While dramatic advances in AI applications are generating excitement across industries, serious technological questions are being raised about the ability of existing semiconductor technology to support a significant lift in performance and power requirements. As a result, hardware is back as a featured topic among business and technology leaders. 

I shared my insights on the newfound pressures and demands for hardware that challenge the growth of AI. 

I also discussed how advanced semiconductor technology, interconnects and hybrid bonding in particular can help the semiconductor industry address these pressing issues which will have extensive impact across AI and high-performance computing, sensor, 5G, RF and storage industries.

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Adeia Presents Hybrid Bonding Technology at 2024 LES Silicon Valley Conference

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Abul Nuruzzaman

VP of Semiconductor Technology and IP Licensing

Abul Nuruzzaman is VP of Semiconductor Technology and IP Licensing at Adeia, Inc. (formally known as Xperi), San Jose, California. Prior licensing role, he led the marketing of Adeia’s hybrid bonding technology and semiconductor IP portfolio. Throughout his successful semiconductor industry career, Abul worked in product management, marketing and business development roles at AMD, Infineon (Cypress Semiconductor), TE Connectivity and Lattice Semiconductor. He holds BSEE degree from Osaka University, Japan, and MSEE degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).