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With the rising cost and complexity of cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing processes, the industry is increasingly looking beyond Moore’s Law towards advanced packaging and 3D integration technologies.

Leveraging the combination of our highly experienced technologists, scientists and engineers and our advanced research and development labs in San Jose, California, Raleigh and North Carolina, we develop industry-leading 3D integration solutions such as hybrid bonding that meet the demand for greater functionality, higher performance and smaller size for next generation electronics.


3D integration technologies are playing an increasingly vital role in semiconductors enabling new and enhanced functionality in mobile, cloud, storage & AR/VR devices.

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Great Function
Higher Performance


Hybrid bonding solutions with ultra-high-density 3D interconnect allow chip architectures to be redefined enabling higher bandwidth, lower latency and less power.

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Smaller Size

Innovative 3D miniaturization technologies reduce device footprint and thickness resulting in more compact electronics.

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Smaller Size

What is Hybrid Bonding?

Hybrid bonding allows semiconductor wafers to be bonded with exceptionally fine-pitch 3D electrical interconnects at room temperature without pressure or adhesives. During hybrid bonding, dielectric surfaces with embedded metal bond pads are polished for minimal surface roughness. They are dished slightly, and then nitrogen-based chemistries are applied. Prepared wafers can be easily aligned together, resulting in strong chemical bonds between the prepared surfaces. After a moderate batch anneal, the bond pads expand to form a homogeneous metallic interconnect with grain growth across the bond interface. The chemical bond between oxides is significantly strengthened, ensuring high reliability without needing under-fill.

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