Better Ways
to Explore

Adeia innovations are at the center of how consumers explore what they want to watch.

From the original TV Guide magazine in the 1950s, to the introduction of on-screen, electronic and interactive program guides, we created the interface to viewing television. And, we have continued to deliver innovative, award-winning innovations that help consumers navigate an increasingly complex universe of content.

Finding content remains an important part of the entertainment experience. We believe new discovery experiences integrating advanced personalization, specific to a person or device and new forms of interaction such as voice, will continue to be an area of ongoing innovations and new and improved entertainment offerings.


Unified discovery that spans live, recorded, on-demand and streaming content sources.

Here's How
Universal Search
Personalized Discovery


Wide variety of personalized discovery experiences, including personalized recommendations, predictive results, popular and trending content and more.

Here's How


Interpret voice commands and requests, and support natural, conversational dialogue and interaction with smart responses.

Here's How
Conversational Interface

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